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Working with Radical Piano in Reason 10 !

This is a part of the blog of ”the making of the anthem” to EQLovesFestival 2018 in collaboration with Swedish Propellerhead Reason and Ehrlunds Michrophones. The anthem is called ”Change is in the air”! 

In one of the versions of the anthem, I wanted to work with a piano base, and what could be better than exploring the new Radical Piano in Reason 10 !

I have worked with Pro Tools and Reason now for many years and I am very exited about Reason 10.

The radical piano is a very straight forward plug in which is easy to understand at first glimpse.

You browse through a lot of interesting piano samples that sounds incredible realistic but after you have chosen your sample the actual fun begins!

Propellerhead has created an exiting blend between ”sampling technology and physical modeling” which means that you can literary change the michrophone setup on the piano ”recording”.

You can choose between two characteristics which are presented in a knob parameter that enables you to blend between the mic setup you have chosen.

Also the ability to turn up the level of the realistic sound of the pedal was very exiting to say the least! That magic blend you know.

I love electronic music but with that realistic touch.

I made a little QuickTime video where I played around with the parameters, and where the sound unfortunately isn’t capured since QuickTime recorded my computer speakers. But this is okay as long as you got the picture, and hope you will try it out yourselves.

The sound is bounced here:

Based on a custom blend between sampling technology and physical modeling algorithms, Radical Piano affords songwriters, producers, and sound designers an unprecedented level of control to craft a realistic piano that is 100% unique. With Radical Piano you can do things that are otherwise impossible, not only in multi-gigabyte sample libraries but even in the recording of actual acoustic pianos.

Sound & Character

Do you wish your close mic’d grand piano sounded just a little bit more like a vintage mono upright piano? Use the microphone blend to create a hybrid modeled sound. Route audio like a vocal through the jacks on the back of Radical Piano to hear it resonate the strings as if you had recorded piano and vocals together live. What if with the turn of a knob you could transform the tonal characteristics of your piano, shifting from a soft intimate performance to a bright aggressive instrument that will cut through your mix? We’ve got that knob, and it’s called “Character”.

Presence & performance

Radical Piano will change the way you use pianos in your music by allowing you to imagine a piano in a real space and set about creating it yourself through intuitive controls. Or like you have done with synthesizers for years, you can listen to your favorite song and emulate the recording with uncanny accuracy. Perhaps even more impressive, the realism of Radical Piano will affect the way you play because it responds like a real piano to sustain pedal movement, key noise and velocity response.

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