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Sophia and Bea

This is a part of the blog of ”the making of the anthem” to EQLovesFestival 2018 in collaboration with Swedish Propellerhead Reason and Ehrlunds Michrophones.

This friday 11th of May we started with the recording of the official anthem of EQLovesFestival. The song is called ”Change is in the air” and we will create it with the latest version of Propellerhead Reason 10 and also Ehrlunds michrophone. It is recorded in Powah studio in the top floor of the Brewhouse Arena building in Gothenburg. (we also use Protools, Neumann and AKG) We have a simple idea of the song as of this moment and we recorded it first with the Europa synth as you can hear in the video right down at the footer of the page. At this moment we did not draw any specific wave shape or modulate anything, but we will soon and tell you all about it! But now it was focus on the vocals.

We decided to use the Alicia Keys vocals technique that her engineer Ann Mincieli did on her vocals. We simply placed a ”ghost mic” in the background above the vocalist to pick up the fully developed sound. We also used an Omni directional mic. So three microphones altogether. (Ann Mincieli uses the Omni on the backing vocals.) For the sake of the vocals we changed the keys to a piano sound, but don’t worry, we will soon change it back to the electronic sounds and make an electronic produced version! ? What we really liked about the Ehrlunds EHR -H was the warm and clear transient sound. It is a bit sensitive but works really nice on these soft vocals and also in this particular mic setting. Here is the recording:

31 Aug 2018:

Ok so now we have mixed up everything a bit. Sophia Tako and Beatrice Jaksch will continue with the version above. Melisha will do her own version of the song, dancehall new house style and also Sarah  Hansson will create a Soca version! Maybe we also will have a reaaaaallly different version with our own Kimtina producer who makes hard style !!!!!! , one of the few women within that genre! We will keep you updated on how this goes. But up until now we are making 3 different versions.

We are really exited to make different genres and we will tell you all about it! We will blog and vlog all about it here.

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