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Before it all began… – Sophia & Beatrice

This is a part of the blog of ”the making of the anthem” to EQLovesFestival 2018 in collaboration with Swedish Propellerhead Reason and Ehrlunds Michrophones.

Our first thoughts about our version of the EQ Loves Music anthem was that we wanted the message to be clear; that change is in the air, not only in the world but also very much so in the music industry.

We all know that the music industry always has been run by and looked after by men, but in today’s political and economical environment it is not only important but necessary to incorporate EVERYONE in the process of making, managing and distributing music.

Together we wanted to produce a song with the purpose to move and uplift but also production wise be interesting.

Key words that we chose for our production:

  • Positive
  • Fun
  • Confident
  • Interesting
  • creative

Stay tuned for the final result!

To be continued…

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