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Elin K version ! It keeps on coming more versions!

This is a part of the blog of ”the making of the anthem” to EQLovesFestival 2018 in collaboration with Swedish Propellerhead Reason and Ehrlunds Michrophones.

In addition to the other versions we also created a Elin K version, which we set out to be a spiritual version close to nature and with inspiration from native Americans. And of course this is in the style of Elin K!

We were so exited to be able to create this version,  (Melisha, Sarah and Elin K) and to be able to go and be creative about our idea. The melody and chords are very different from the original which was a way of getting out of our heads on the song!

So in the Elin K version i wanted to bring in an Atmospheric vibe and to mix it up with some ethnic features. Its actually Melisha and Sara who made the production, they made the skiss in the morning, called me and asked if i can do the lyrics and record it the same day! So the whole version was actually written, recorded and mixed in the same day. I wanted the lyrics to reflect the the upwards and onwards vibe we feel in music business right now. And i wanted it to sound big and epic in the vocals. So i experimented with different sounds layering it to get the right vibe. It was just a lot of fun working with this version! ? – Elin K

First, we listened to ”Native American Music & Native American Indian Music: 2 Hours of Native American Drums Music” on youtube which is 2 hours of music created by musician David Lewis Luong. It is very spiritual and calming and feels almost like a chant or a pray. We wanted it to feel like the essence of the song could submit something to the listener and maybe to the universe 🙂

And … yes we started the production in Reason! (And we also used Pro Tools 🙂 but we won’t blog about them right now)

We didn’t only want to capture Elin K’s sound in this song, but also capture her beautiful light spirit. She is a true hippie, so what came to mind for us was dreamcatchers and chimes ringing in the background. The result of this became a cool mix of Native American Indian tribe style combined with the true sound of Elin K, her vocals and her writing style.



One of the interesting new modules in Reason 10 is HUMANA. To read about it and the other organic sound modules click here.

This is essentially a module based on vocal samples modified in different ways.


The sound modules HUMANA, PANGEA and KLANG  are fantastic modules for creating really big and organic sounds.

Here is the sound we choose from this:


To make the drums and percussions we used Redrum and choose Orchester samplings.

These organic sounds were blended with electronic synthesizer  sounds from Europa.

Here are the sounds we used. The names on the tracks are the names of the sounds:


Klang, Pangea and Humana

Three new sampled instruments which specialize in the imperfect. And that’s just perfect.

For all the powerful synthesizers and drum machines in Reason, we also wanted to include a collection of organic sampled instruments to balance them out. Why? Because quite frankly the two styles go really well together. Entirely synthetic production can sound, well, synthetic. The inclusion of organic textures can bring about realism, depth, and subtle imperfection that just works perfectly to put the humanity back into machine generated tones.

In partnership with Soundiron and their expertise in all things organic, Reason comes with three new sampled instruments: Klang, Pangea, and Humana.


Klang’s specialty is tuned percussion instruments, from traditional orchestral percussion like the Alto Glockenspiel to nontraditional textures like the African kalimba, the woody plonk of the whale drum, and the instant mood-setting tones of a music box.


Pangea takes you around the world with a collection of world instruments that can fill traditional roles with less traditional sounds. Take for example the Persian acoustic saz, which sounds like guitar fused with the twangier vibe of a sitar. With the droning reeds of a small pump organs, the glissando off a zither, or the rattle of a bamboo Angklung your music will get a degree of depth and realism that only real instruments can provide.


And when it comes to making big arrangements sound mammoth, nothing can add size and presence to your production like Humana’s choir of voices. But here’s the cool part, when it comes to making small intimate arrangements sound even more delicate, fragile, and cozy nothing can add humanity and support your production like Humana’s choir of voices. Whatever end of the sonic spectrum, Humana brings the right style of humanity to your arrangement with a collection of male and female solo and ensemble voices.

Klang, Pangea, and Humana are the sounds you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over again when you want to add a special something to your production that all the oscillators and modulators in the world can’t provide: stunning realism.

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