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Anna Novak version working with StringWerk in Reason 10

This is a part of the blog of ”the making of the anthem” to EQLovesFestival 2018 in collaboration with Swedish Propellerhead Reason and Ehrlunds Michrophones.

Anna Novak:

Reason was the first software I ever used for making music when I first left my Tascam Porta-One and entered the world of electronic music a long time ago. Reason has come a long way since then and I dare say so have I… However I still use it a lot and for this song I wanted to work with my new favourite string Plug-in, StringWerk, that is created for Reason only. I have tried so many different plug-ins for proper strings and this one does the trick.

Before I had to do a lot of editing to create a nice legato but with this I just choose the legato alternative for long strings. Saves me a lot of time. I have used it on this version of the Anthem and also frequently on my next EP. I wanted my version of Change is in the air to be cinematic with distant and airy voices and not necessarily a lead together with what I call ”inspiring” strings, strings with an energetic and hopeful arrangement that is… In StringWerk it is easy to adjust the notes lengths and attacks and create exactly the sound you want for every note and it sounds organic and real.

The beat is created in Redrum which also is a favourite of mine where it is easy to program both sounds from the Reason library and external samples. Here I have used drum samples from I Want That Sound.
The vocals I recorded with a Peluso LE2247 microphone, it is one of my workhorses in the studio. The mixing is done on my 16 channel Toft table, I always mix analogue to get the headroom I want.

Heres a sample of the strings in this version:








From Propellerheads website:

StringWERK, a highly inspiring and authentic string section for Reason, introducing a new level of realism and playability to Rack Extensions. Bringing a new warmth and intimacy to your tracks, StringWERK is easy to use and captures perfectly the sound and playing of a small premier string ensemble, ideal for pop and rock productions. StringWERK boasts a variety of exciting string articulations and pre-sets, but it’s far from a simple sample library: it’s an inspirational production tool and performance instrument in its own right.

Product details
e-instruments, the team behind the widely acclaimed Session instruments (Strings, Horns, Keys) have produced StringWERK exclusively for Reason.

Capturing the sound of a small premier ensemble, StringWERK consists of 4 violins, 3 violas, 2 cello and 2 basses. It is simple to use, the instrument groups mapped across the full keyboard range, with double bass on the lower keys and violins at the top end.

Out of the box StringWERK is loaded with articulations logically grouped in 3 presets: Sustain, Expressive, and Short, and features true legato transition samples for gloriously smooth legato lines as well as release samples for realistic note release.

The 4th preset is the unique Animator, working your chords and transforming them into energetic and musical staccato, spiccato and pizzicato phrases – choose from a large number of pre-sets or create your own groove.

In addition you get 37 combinator patches to use as pre-sets or edit to taste, combining Reason’s synth and processing units with the new wizardry of StringWERK.

Product highlights
Inspirational studio strings section for Reason
Loaded with articulations including sustain, accented sustain, staccato, spiccato, pizzicato, tremolo, trills, crescendo, sforzando, slides – grouped in three presets and selectable via keyswitch or controller
Monophonic mode with true legato samples
Authentic release samples
Up to four round-robin samples per key
Versatile dynamics control via velocity or modulation wheel
Editable Animator for seamless custom rhythm phrases
Effects section with EQ, Compressor, Delay and Convolution Reverb
37 combinators across four categories combining Reason’s synth and processing units with the craftsmanship of StringWERK

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